Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taiwan News

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2012/10/06Former DPP chairman meets with China's Taiwan affairs chief
2012/10/06Executive Yuan spokesman quits
2012/10/06Young breast cancer sufferers may top 100 this year
2012/10/06Mutual trust behind cross-strait exchanges: DPP's Hsieh
2012/10/06Taiwanese team through to semifinals at videogame worlds
2012/10/06China conducts drills in wake of Japan-U.S. joint exercise: reports
2012/10/06MOFA urges Japanese to respect Taiwan's fishing rights near islets
2012/10/06Over 40% of young Taiwanese uncertain about their future: survey
2012/10/06Tai chi championship opens in Taoyuan
2012/10/06Ex-DPP head hopes for regular exchanges between DPP, China
2012/10/06Online real estate transaction information service in the offing
2012/10/06China-based firms seek primary listing on TWSE
2012/10/06Flat panel shipments to China soar in August
2012/10/06Stargazers look forward to Draconid meteor shower surprise
2012/10/06Japan's statement aimed at preserving bilateral ties: scholar
2012/10/06Japan's call for calm in handling disputes seen as 'goodwill'
2012/10/06Taiwanese expatriates protest name change
2012/10/06Property market to get boost from high liquidity in Q4: realtor
2012/10/06Chrysanthemum tea contains excessive pesticide residue: survey
2012/10/06Air Force may resume Mirage fighter operations next week
2012/10/06Cross-strait differences can be overcome with goodwill: Hsieh
2012/10/06DPP plays down former premier's China trip
2012/10/06Tropical depression could develop into storm
2012/10/06People are the key to innovation: experts
2012/10/06Sea goddess Matsu gets on Facebook
2012/10/06Largan expects October sales to hit new high
2012/10/06Ample liquidity sends interest rate in NCD sales lower
2012/10/06Online procurement meetings to generate big business
2012/10/05Strengthening Taiping defenses is right thing to do: Taiwan scholar
2012/10/05Chinese vessels patrolling Diaoyutai waters: Japanese media
2012/10/05Foreign students praise Taiwan's scholarship programs
2012/10/05Twin dancers to present Taiwan's vibrant culture in New York
2012/10/05Japanese assailant of cab driver deported
2012/10/05Taiwan's forex reserves 4th highest in September
2012/10/05Steve Jobs documentary airs on legend's first death anniversary
2012/10/05Foreign buyers invited to procurement workshops
2012/10/05ROC national day celebrations overseas well-attended
2012/10/05DRAM supplier seeking loan rollover from creditors
2012/10/05Four Chinese tourists injured after being hit by motorbike
2012/10/05Motions to cut salaries, replace economic, finance ministers outvoted
2012/10/05Japan agrees with 'spirit' of Taiwan's East China Sea initiative
2012/10/05Don't make too much of ex-premier's China visit, says ex-DPP head
2012/10/05U.S. visa waiver seen as boost to individual tourist numbers
2012/10/05DPP exchanges with China's Communist Party seen as unstoppable
2012/10/05Taiwan, China need to address differences: former premier
2012/10/05U.S. dollar closes lower on Taipei forex (update)
2012/10/05Premier denies supporting calls for ex-president's medical parole
2012/10/05Local hospital partners with pharma giant on clinical research
2012/10/05Taiwan reports jump in first-half exports to Singapore
2012/10/05U.S. dollar closes lower on Taipei forex

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