Thursday, March 7, 2013

Go 'hunting' beautiful flowers throughout the North

Spring, when the golden leaves falling fence fence premature buds begin to come apart and then plenty of blooming flowers. Both the North as "bloom" after a long hibernation ...

Seasonal festivals throughout the North is a colorful flower season ahead. This is a great time have you laptop backpack, holding the camera to go "hunting" flowers from the village in the northern plains to the northwest. Make arrangements to go to work then, it was a great season, where you can relax, to have beautiful photos to life.
When the cold her you coming numb at the thought of white dust hung heavy rain of heaven and over is when the inflorescences of rice boom, giant red as fire where Vietnamese village.
Perfume Pagoda beginning in March relaxed and calm yet thought of. When Deleting, crowded, tourist sightseeing temple not only be immersed in an atmosphere of pure land Buddhism, of charming young country, but also have the opportunity to admire the red rice inflorescence blazing sun at present rarely seen elsewhere.
Next March, when the sun began to creep, when frost and freezing was not a the hung "god" in the villages of the mountainous northwest, as well as at all blooming flowers, colorful welcome spring. North West this season attracts tourists not only by the unique culture of ethnic minorities but rather by just spectacular scenery, magnificent sounded poetic lyricism. Nowhere is also paradise with sufficient convergence flowers.
If Moc Chau - Son La or Bac Ha, Lao Cai, famous for its forests, flowering apricot, plum flower vast, white covered hillsides, ravines, along the river, inside the porch, red azalea Hoang Lien Son mountain is a very striking beauty and powerful.
Beautiful flowers upon the flame light up a forest full of wild and mysterious. Red flowers in front of, behind red roses on top and flowers on earth, the kingdom on the trails leading to the top legendary Fanxipan.
United plum white sun Northwest, inviting all who love to travel to enjoy the show.
Northwest United Kingdom both the nostalgia of any traveler has ever set foot in the land ends, woven into the "wormwood spell" sexy soul, to go away and remain forever remembered in a fairy land, gone but not forgotten appointment again.
When the wind after the last, when the Hanoi streets covered with gold leaf defoliation season 2, when the leaves six new non emerge to as up after a long winter is harsh at Hanoi purple dream Endothelial-purple flowers, white pristine in the fragile beauty of the flowers haughty milk.
Flowers bearing northwest of Hanoi ...
The flowers are not born from the land of the capital but not so that sank hidden between the color of roses, chrysanthemums, drugs, lilies of spring Hanoi. Beauty shy, soft petals make people reminiscent of images of young women people in the mountains, his self expect praise shyly confessed lover guy.
Each bloom only once a year, fast it fast attack. It is no time to look for the cotton white smooth lotion, the beam at LIU, Tay Ho swinging in the wind, fragile parked on the shoulder of the little baby, who by the way, one day wind has swept all both. Swept away by the white color make up the poetic beauty of Hanoi which left the shaggy body lotion, rough carpentry. To make us sadly would nail the spring rains of the day this year ...
According to Vietnamese Comics

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