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5 beautiful spring photography locations in Hanoi

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Milk pure, like flowers, vast fields of yellow mop or plants like sesame fortune in Hoan Kiem Lake are for you to take beautiful pictures.

White milk in March
One of the best places you should visit in the months 3 main roads Chu Van An, Dien Bien Phu Hoang Hoa Tham. Along this route is the original milk during, white flowering stems. Pretty small flowers into beam at LIU, white as snow, delicate and pure. Milk only bloom once a year, so you should not miss the opportunity to keep the poetic moments the "tropical snow".
Beautiful clean fields
If as set foot in the field floral display bowl clean, wild in the high mountains is the desire and quite far away for many people living in the city, the "discovery" of the field romantic wipe the heart of the capital city has attracted many young people here, "pose" picture.
Photo collection.
Around the My Dinh, Tu Liem District, Yen Vien still many vast clean beaches, stretching to the immense sight with the pristine white cotton mop, both gentle and wild-bit phase, has created a scene could not be more wonderful trip in early spring.
Pure trumpet in April
In April, when the new sun summer called is also at Hanoi steeped in the delicate white and pure fragrance of lilies. Not as vibrant summer flowers with lentils and phoenix, romantic and passionate as milk autumn flowers, lilies, reminiscent of delicate beauty and elegance of ancient Hanoi.
To Japanese gardens Tan, Quang Ba at this time, where the first is a white flower heaven. Customers, whether they are to to play flower or photograph, of light are all fascinated by the beauty of the of blue trumpet buds, of the pristine white flower. 
Lang filtering sesame deciduous Sword Lake
Unlike many species of deciduous trees often fall and winter, sesame fortune poured leaves every spring. Moment um green foliage, lush ancient fortune sesame tree turns bright yellow, illuminates a corner of the lake has been dubbed "Europe in the fall of Hanoi". Sesame Loc beauty not only by broad foliage, lush, luxuriant, by sturdy stance, standing next to the lake which is beautiful by the way the branches swooping down to the lake, in the ball down the blue background that make a very poetic beauty in the heart of the city, attracting the attention of a large passersby and tourists to Hanoi this time.
Brilliant Spring Color Tay Tuu flower village
Tay Tuu village (Tu Liem, Hanoi) ago mainly rice and vegetables, but in recent years, Tay Tuu known as the largest and most popular flower growing village outside Hanoi. Welcoming tourists to the village of flowers at this time is the thousands of plots commission, buttons, glass, lay thanks, drugs, violet ... colorful.Will be even more wonderful to know that the flower farm owners very easy and hospitality, will allow you into the field to take pictures without charge.
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