Saturday, March 9, 2013


Beach Travellers strongly believes in the importance of making employees feel like family. After all, a passion for relationships and the human experience is what made BT sprout from a twinkle in the eyes of papa bear Graeme & Uncle TJ into the ever-growing palm tree that it is today.
Seeing as BT's core beliefs are firmly rooted in friendship and family values, it should come as no surprise that planning team meetings is a topic that isn't taken lightly.  Aside from the importance of brainstorming sessions and ironing out any issues as a group, guide retreats keep valuable tour leaders happy and fosters an excitement about their jobs that will resonate across the travel groups they lead, ultimately making for a better client experience.
In other words, guide retreats are seen as a chance to go surfing and have fun amongst friends, and the recent jaunt to Hawaii with BT's Costa Rica surf coaches was no exception. Sure, important topics were covered and decisions were made as a team, but on a less serious yet equally important note, hilarious stories were told, waves and beers were shared, and as usual, a series of well executed pranks were played.
The family (left to right): Sean "Saul" Sutherland, Nate " el tigre" Batara, Mitch "Meeeetch" Martin, Graeme "papa bear" Barker, and Taylor "Mr.T" Aikins.

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