Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bishankhu Narayan in Kathmandu

The two-storey Ichangu Narayan temple was built in the 18th century. The usual attributes of Vishnu can be seen there and the carved struts are of special interest.
Narayan is known as Vishnu. According to hindu legend, Vishnu is preserver. Bishankhu Narayan is one of the most important shrines among four Narayan in Kathmandu Valley. From here visitors can see magnificent views from the summit. It lies on the way to Godavari.  A chain-mail curtain protects the god’s image inside the cave. If you’re thin enough, you can descend through another narrow fissure; according to popular belief, those who manage to squeeze through it will be absolved of past sins. The image of Vishnus is enshrined in a cave which is reached through a rock fissure. It is said sinners cannot squeeze through the small opening in the rock.

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