Friday, October 5, 2012

World’s largest Thanka to be displayed

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Lalitpur, Sept.30. The world’s largest ‘Thangka’ painting is to be put on an exhibition in Nepal on October 5 and 6.
Information about this was given at a press conference organised by the Nepal Buddhism Preservation Committee.
The painting was a collective creation of 10,000 volunteers from 16 countries in the world.
Earlier, the painting depicting 12 important happenings related to the lifestyle of the Lord Gautam Buddha was displayed in USA, Japan, Mongolia and India.
The painting weighing 100 kgs was based on the concept of Dr Surya Thakali and after exhibition; it will be displayed in Thailand next year.
Although the painting was made aiming at placing it in Lumbini, Nepal, it is to be taken to Japan due to lack of physical infrastructure here. The painting has been divided into 81 pieces and it takes around two hours to join them for the display.
It is said the painting will be brought here until this evening. The objective of putting the painting on display is to spread the message of peace, fraternity and hospitality in Nepal which is presently witnessing violence and gripped by problematic situation, said the Committee.
The exhibition will be held at the Dasharath stadium and the entry is free of charge, said the organizers. RSS

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