Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sali Nadi Temple

Sali Nadi Temple is located in sankhu.It is famous town for  swasthani Mela. It is a typical Newari town, with many fine old buildings and temples. Beyond the village, up a long flight of stone stairs, is Bajra Jogini, a historical temple with a beautiful view of the local area.

One of the Hindu festival is known as " Madhab Narayan Brata" . It lasts for a month long duration. It starts on the full moon day of Paush (Jan) and ends later one month on the full moon day of Magh(Feb). 
The devotees fast for a month eating only one time a day; taking always the holy bath in the morning; and wearing the nicely daily washed pure clothes. All of his hand and feet’s nail should be nicely trimmed. He should worship to lord shiva by making a sanctum; and should eat only after worshipping and reading the holy Swasthani book.

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