Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shopping at kathmandu

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Avoid shoppers can have their fill at all purpose stores, handicraft centers and street markets. Handicraft may be purchased from the industrial area in Patan and there are many shops in kupondole too. For imported brands, there are many stores and supermarkets. Internationally branded Electronics, Perfumes and cameras are available at very competitive prices.

Shop till you drop” should be your motto as Kathmandu is a shoppers' paradise. Many of the shops, galleries and boutiques. Kathmandu is a great place to shop for clothing. Flowing hippie gauzes, Monk's robes in saffrons and maroons, funky neon trance-wear, hemp clothing.Shopping in Nepal Kathmandu is cheap because of low percapita income, if you are travelling tibet nepal bhutan and india, recommended shopping in Kathmandu.It is the obvious place to do some serious shopping, especially if its your last stop before leaving the country. Traditional souvenirs and curios If you

kathmandu shopping offers Nepali curio shopping, Handicraft products of Nepal, Handmade carpet, Pashmina shawl,Pottery things, handy wollen.

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