Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Budhanilkantha Temple (Sleeping Vishnu)

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 Bhudanilkantha Temple lies in Northern part of Kathmandu city. It is also called Narayansthan, eight kilometres north of Kathmandu on the foothills of Shivapuri mountain (2,732 metres). Bhudanilkantha is idole of Bishnu known as Sleeping Vishnu. This is one of the masterpieces of stone sculptures of Lichchhavi period. This fifth century statue is in the middle of pond and seems top. 

lying on Ananta Sesa, in the cosmic ocean. The Deity is over 1,000 years old. Lord Vishnu is about 5m (17 ft) long and is lying in a 13m (43 ft) long tank, as if floating, with His legs crossed. His four hands hold the four symbols of Vishnu: the chakra (disc), club, and conch-shell and lotus flower. Budhanilkantha literally means “old blue-throat.”  

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