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Kathmandu Valley

Nepal is well known Himalaya country in The World. Kathmandu Valley is the capital of Nepal, situated at an altitude of 1,300 m above sea levels and covers an area of 218 square miles.It offers to see historic palace and cultural religeous temple in Nepal. It is known as the home of temples and rich newari cultural heritage . But It is attraction of its culture, historical and arechilogy.This is a short trip that gives explore ancient temples and religious shrines of the three medieval kingdoms, namely Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. Kathmandu Bhaktapur trip takes you into a kind of mystical history where the past still remains alive in the present, tradition tirelessly repeats itself into a culture that remains seeped into an ancient history created by the kings of past generations and religious doctrines are strictly adhered till this very day.

In Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, you will be taken for a visit to the holiest of Hindu shrine “Pashupatinath”. Pashupatinath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the trinity and the guardian (patron) deity of the Hindus. As you approach cremation areas of the temple, you will witness Hindu’s ritual of cremating a corpse. Tour to Buddhist stupa at Boudhanath is other retreats that will be serviced to you. Another attractive prospect of this trip is cultural tour to the major cultural heritages and temples in Bhaktapur and Patan. The Bhaktapur town’s cultural life is also vibrant, with centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship and strong communities of potters, woodcarvers and weavers. Look for rice laid out to dry in the sun, people collecting water or washing under the communal taps, dyed yarns hung out to dry, children’s games, fascinating shops and women pounding grain – there’s plenty to see.


Kathmandu Nagarkot Dhulikhel Tour

Kathmandu Nagarkot Dhulikhel Tour is a short and popular tour packages around of Kathmandu valley, lies 32 kms east of Kathmandu.This three tourist places is important tourist destination for its himalaya view ,culture and historic heritages tour.
Kathmandu is a culturally and histories places and fascinating cultural encounters that never disappoint, making it one of the most popular and sought-after destinations in South Asia. It truly is a place for travellers to realise their dreams. Kathmandu Pokhara tour offers you to see in Kathmandu suh as darbar square , famous hindu Temple of Pashupatinath and buddhist pilgrims of Bouddhanath Stupa and Swambhunath.
Nagarkot is one of the himalaya views of Langtang, Ganesh Himal,Kangchenpo,Gaurishankar, Dorjelakpa and the sunrise over those mountain ranges.It also offers an excellent view of the Indrawati river valley to the east. Nagarkot is surrounded by terraced hillsides and picturesque farm houses.Many hotels are covered with Nagarkot hill. Dhulikhel is also panoramic view tourist place with unique newari settlements and famous place on the highway to Tibet.


Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is short tour and popular holidays tour in Nepal. Pokhara Tour is the land of precious historical and cultural heritage tour package. Asides from a discovery of harmony of Buddhism and Hinduism , kathmandu valley and Lumbini valley are important places.Kathmandu is home of temples and Buddha was born at Lumbini, the founder of Buddhist religion.
Kathmandu is a culturally and histories places and fascinating cultural encounters that never disappoint, making it one of the most popular and sought-after destinations in South Asia. It truly is a place for travellers to realise their dreams. Kathmandu Pokhara tour offers you to see in Kathmandu suh as darbar square, famous hindu temple of Pashupatinath and buddhist pilgrims of Bouddhanath Stupa and Swambhunath. 
Lumbini is the birthplace land of Buddha. At the time his birth of the prince the city was a part of the kingdom of Kapilvastu. The main attraction of the city is the Sacred Garden, spread over 08 Sq. Kms .In the gardens that surrounds the ruins, there is a bo tree where Siddhartha Gautama gained enlightenment and became Buddha. To the west of the Mayadevi Temple, stands the Ashoka Pillar which was erected by Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC to commemorate his pilgrimage to the sacred site. The inscription on it in Brahmi script proves Lumbini as the place where the Buddha was born in 623 B.C. To the south of the Pillar one finds the sacred pond- Puskarni – the place where Queen Mayadevi took a bath just before giving birth to the Buddha.


Meditation on the trekking in Nepal

What is the meaning of Meditation?
Vipasana is ancient meditation techniques. In the Buddhist religion, Mahayana people practice it.Meditation is an art of living which frees the individual from all the negativities of mind like anger, greed and ignorance. It is a practice which develops positive, creative energy for the betterment of the individual and society.
When Gautum Buddha meditated more than 2500 years ago, he got menlightment. Meditation means 'to see things as they really are'; it is the process of self purification by self observation. One starts by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind. There are course of meditation program in the monastery. The entire path (Dhamma) is a universal remedy for universal problems and has nothing to do with any organised religion or sectarianism. For this reason, it can be practised freely by all without conflict with race, caste or religion, in any place, and at any time and will prove equally beneficial to one and all.


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Everest Region trekking

Buddha Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd. provides information of Everest Region trekking area. Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the World. Everest Region offers varieties of trekking trail on the foothill of Mt Everest like Everest Base Camp Trek, Kala Pattar Trek, Gokyo-Ri Trek,, Gokyo Cho- La Pass Trek, Renjo La Pass Trek, Everest High Pass Trek, Everest View Trek, Everest Panorama Trek etc. The Everest region has gained its popularity for trekking, peak climbing and expedition.

Among the major destinations of trekking in Nepal, Everest region stood second despite poor accessibility It is more expensive and difficult to get Solu Khumbu than to the Annapurna region area.One must either walk for a week or fly to Lukla to get near Everest. The number of trekkers to Everest has increased dramatically because of the publicity the mountain has received from several sources. Solu Khumbu is famous not only for the world’s highest Mt.Everest (8848m.), but also the unique settlements of Sherpa villages, old monasteries, daily lifestyles and their rich culture wait to show.
The primary goal of trekking in Everest region is stepping at least the Everest Base Camp (5340m.). It is the matter of fact that Mt.Everest can not be observed from the base camp. So, most of the trekkers climb Kala Pattar (5545m.) which is situated on the southern flank of Pumori (7145m.). Not only Everest but also other mountain peaks such as Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Nuptse , Mt. Amadablam , Mt. Pumori , Mt. Thamserku , Mt.Kantega, Kwangde and others can be seen from Kala Pattar.


Nepal Trekking and Tour

Lumbini is famous tour for all Buddhist around the world. It is situated in Kapilvastu district, western part of Nepal. There is a Ashoka Pillar, eastiblished by emperor Ashoka in 245 BC. Just before His birth, Bodhisattva was the lord of Tushita deva realm. There He had resolved to be reborn for the last time and show the attainment of enlightenment to the world. He had made five investigations and determined that this southern continent, where men lived for one hundred years, was the most suitable place and. Since the royal cast was the most respected at that point of time and the lineages of King Suddhodana and his Queen Mayadevi were pure, He chose to be born as their son, a prince of the Shakya dynasty. After placing crowning His successor Maitreya, Bodhisattva descended from Tushita to the world of man. After Lumbini Development Committee was formed in 1970 with the members of 13 countries, many countries have built stupas and monasteries here. Countries like South Korea, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, France, Germany,India, Japan etc have built Buddhist Monasteries. There are Buddhist libraries, museum and research centers as well.

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Nepal is a small country with best family holiday tour. Nepal is an exotic, beautiful Himalayan, culturally rich country, where many families come to celebrate their holiday trip and dream their happiness life. Family tours can also include family adventure sports and places where you can unwind and relax. Explore ancient temples, beautiful monasteries, fewa lake, springs with the stunning of the great Himalayas. 

It is a specially designed private family tour in Nepal with kids relaxing, learning and fun. Kids and parents will get to know the beautiful country side of Nepal better, soak up some ancient culture, World Heritage sites, natural beauty and life changing experiences have a few laughs, share quality time together and create some precious family memories. It is not just a family holiday tour for relaxing, but a wonderful Nepal tour for exploring & experiencing new places, the culture of others. 
We tailored the trips to allow the family holiday to have quite private moments viewing the stunning mountain peaks laugh and have fun together while you are riding elephants in Jungle safari. We want to plan for you and share with you the moments that are going to for a long and beautiful life together for you as a family. It’s our promise to give you an unforgettable experience.

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Buddha Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd. operate all major trekking route and non touristy, eco trekking trail, Cultural trek, Nepal Village tourism, restricted trekking route in Nepal also since our agency has been established, we explore the new trekking trail for our valued clients. Buddha Nepal Treks team always committed to trekking in a way that does no harm to the local environment. With camping groups we always carry kerosene, so that no local wood need to be used to cook our food. Naturally, to maintain our high standard, we have a dedicated team of experienced staff, from the office managers who arrange your trip right down to the cooks that prepare your food! For trekkers with varied tastes, Nepal is the ultimate area. You can trek up to the foot of the great Himalayan ranges, such as Mt. Everest, Langtang and Annapurna or make a circuit of the highest mountains.
A trekking means walking in mountain or hilly area through one village to another village and one mountain to another, up and down. In other word, a trek means touching a heart of mountain and hilly area by walking where can be possible to explore and experience the heart of snow mountain, different type of people and their culture, tradition, art and beauty of nature. A trek in Nepal is different then other country. Most of the trek in Nepal offer wilderness experience. Instead, you will be walk up and down steep hills through remote villages where farmers raise crops and herd their livestock. Even in the high Himalaya regions you will find herders huts and villages that are inhabited during the summer. Trekking in Nepal is one of the popular activities in Nepal. Since Nepal trekking trails has been open Buddha Nepal Treks (P).Ltd has depth experience for arrange the adventure holidays trekking trip in Nepal Himalaya.
Nepal Has Three Mainly Popular Tea House Trekking regions like:

Nepal Has Popular Festival trekking like:
1. Tiji Festival Trek in Mustang, 
2. Manirimdu Festival Trek in Everest and
3.Gosaikunda Festival Trekking in Langtang.

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