Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visiting the famous stone valley in Argentina

Ischigualasto has become the rock valley with hundreds of thousands of different shapes attract the exploration, discovery of many travelers around the world.

Was nicknamed "Moon Valley", Ischigualasto park is located between the boundaries of the two provinces of San Juan and La Rioja is famous as one of the "museum" Argentine paleontologist's largest as well as the world.
Impressive landscape and wild beauty of the place is quite impressive and unique compared to other natural areas in Argentina, such as lunar landscapes. Been a fertile tropical plains fed by the river Ischigualasto about 180 million years ago, now, Ischigualasto become the rock valley with hundreds of thousands of different shapes.
Mushrooms, submarines, parrot or Aladdin's lamp ... is the name given to the unusual blue gray stone structure in place. They are created by the ongoing effects of the wind over millions of years, carved up like a bizarre shapes of the Impressionist artists.
This park appears from about Triassic century - Mesozoic first century. So, this place is a "treasure" of utmost importance for archaeologists. It kept the bone fossils and flora and fauna, reptiles and dinosaurs oldest known as Terapsids, Eoraptor lunensis, Herrerasaurus ... They are the precious materials in the study of the process change between the dinosaurs and the first mammals.
The layer of clay, ash and mineral deposits from hundreds of millions of years has made this park scene like from the distant planet of "Hang". That is why the first discovery gave the place the name "Moon Valley".
Besides, this place has the typical characteristics of a true desert with desert plants and small shrubs. We will work together to help you have a desert experience.
Create extra point for alien landscape "soccer bowling" hundreds "ball" with enough land size, round and smooth in a surprising way. The strange thing is that no one knows the "ball" shape how and why it appears here.
Surprise of the region do not stop there. The archaeologists also discovered, dinosaurs are not the biggest animals or the largest number be found here. Instead, it is easy to find fossils of ancient rhino or mammals with dog Cynodonts shape.
According to many scientists, the cause of death of many species of dinosaurs and animals is due to a prolonged heavy rain. About 230 million years ago, this place still exists as a fertile river valley. A deluge "strikes" flooded the valley, later withdrawn, leaving a vast plain of mud and animals stuck there. All species of dinosaur, herbivore, eating meat were buried in the grave - Ischigualasto mud Valley. Therefore, a large number of skeletons and fossils are relatively intact is found today.
Experts estimate that, with all the number of fossils found here had 10,000 individuals living on the fertile land along the river. Even if visiting the area today, you can still see fossils embedded in the ground, structure or below the cliff.
Many archaeologists commented, animals and plants in the valley Ischigualastobrought to us recall even the smallest of our life millions of years ago.
Although only discovered as an archaeological site in the 1950s and not so famous, but quality as well as the number of fossils in the park Ischigualasto be highly appreciated. With its beautiful and unique, rich archaeological resources and values, which have been recognized by UNESCO as one of the world's natural heritage.
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