Saturday, March 9, 2013

Something New for Women in 2013

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An Invitation to Bloom Where You’re Planted
Christian Connections of the American Women’s Association (AWA) with Church Resource Ministries Singapore (CRMS) invites you to something new:
Spiritual Wellness “Monthly Mondays”
The first Monday of the month you can now look forward to a time of making friends and deepening friendships with other women and with God.
In 2013 join some women in Singapore from different backgrounds and nationalities who have learned to thrive abroad. We find that a big ingredient in being able to “bloom where you’re planted” is in both forming good friendships and paying attention to our spiritual lives.
Explore Avenues to Commune with God
Whether you have followed Christ for many years, or whether you are merely curious about spiritual practices of the Christian tradition, these mornings will aim to build you up in strengthening your friendships and your spiritual life.
Starting February, we’ll take one morning at the beginning of each month to learn and practice drawing near to God. Much of it will be guided individual time for you to seek God, but there will also be some discussions in small groups.
As Christians the leaders come from various churches in Singapore, but we all share a common belief that Jesus has saved us, the Bible is a reliable resource for wisdom and truth, and God longs for a relationship with us that will last forever. 
Introduction: February 4th
10am to 12pm Wing on Life Garden Function Room. 335 Bukit Timah Road
RSVP to help us plan! [or] write:
If you want to dive in sooner on this topic, take this Spiritual Temperament Inventory, from Myra Perrine’s book What’s Your God Language?, and purchase copy of the original book on this subject (shown above) Sacred Pathways (You do not have to read the book to attend, but SKS bookstore in Singapore has them in stock, and this link will take you to Amazon).
“One reason many people become discouraged with their spiritual lives is because they’ve adopted a narrow, cut-and-dried approach–one they’re not wired for as individuals. Sacred Pathways explores nine time-tested ways to commune with God that honor the unique design he has given each of us. The naturalist, the ascetic, the traditionalist, the activist, the enthusiast, the intellectual…dthis engaging, insightful, and well-written book will lead the reader to a deeper understanding of his or her spiritual temperament, and new vistas of relationship with God.”

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