Thursday, March 7, 2013

Enjoy the world's largest natural park in Dubai

This huge garden to over 45 million flowers, on an area of ​​72,000 m2.

After the world's highest hotel project, recently, Dubai announced super giant project called Garden magic Dubai. As the world's largest natural park, this 72,000 m2 with more than 45 million flowers.
According believe, this flower as proof that people can "greening" the desert by the reuse of wastewater. Although open to visitors but is not yet complete. The range of shops, restaurants and nurseries will be added to the 2nd construction phase, expected to begin in mid-2013.
The garden will be closed during the scorching hot summer months in Dubai. The average temperature here can be up to about 40 ° C from June to September.
Some pictures of this huge flower garden:
 Magic garden Dubai stretches over 4km
 To withstand the sun, walking range with unique roof construction.
  Natural garden there are 45 million species of saturated and located on an area of ​​72,000 m2.
Special flower layout, covered cars.
 Here, visitors are prohibited absolute disconnect flowers.
 This garden is close to Guinness World Records as the world's longest wall flowers.
The garden began to open on 02.14.2013.
 The garden will be closed in the summer when the average temperature is 40 ° C.

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