Friday, March 8, 2013

Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School



Learn Thai cooking in the city of Chiang Mai or at a farm in the countryside, flexible for you always to experience a fantastic day of a new student of Thai dishes.


Asia Scenic Thai Cooking is more than just a school, its rather an extension of a home and an opportunity to share Thai cooking and culture. We also offers innovative concepts and service at a competitive price. Asia Scenic Thai cooking school does not just teach you to follow the teacher or the cookbook but teach you how to be creative and understand the basic of cooking Thai food. What you love most is that they do not have a fix menu for you. You cook what you wish to cook.

Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School Chiang Mai is not just a cooking school where you simply cook, eat and leave. Once you participate in the process, you realize that you are learning the traditional life style, learning how to grow vegetables and herbs, as well as the various traditional performing arts.

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