Thursday, March 7, 2013

7 beaches Vietnam attracted international

Summer is coming and the beach is the top choice of many tourists. Here are the most beautiful beaches of Vietnam that magazine Lonely Planet advises tourists should choose to Vietnam.

1. Nha Trang
Nha Trang has been around domestic and foreign tourists to visit and travel for many years. This is considered the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with blue sea, white sand stretches endless.
2. Mui Ne
Mui Ne beach with blue sea, white sand dunes has captivated many hearts. It is blessed with four seasons of sun and wind, very suitable for relaxation. In addition to landscapes, poetic, romantic, Mui Ne is also very suitable for water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing ...
Beautiful sand dunes in Mui Ne.
3. Phu Quoc
As one of the most unspoiled island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc attractions with blue sea, white sand, virgin forests. Phu Quoc you can visit the famous beaches like Bai Sao, Ong Lang beach.
4. Knife
This is the isolated island located off the coast of Vietnam. This place remained untouched natural landscape, mysterious and beautiful magic with tourists who like to explore.
5. My Khe
My Khe is a charming beach with strange attraction for any tourists to Da Nang.Here, guests will enjoy great views of the blue sea, white sand, moderate waves, warm water year round, same poetic coconut ...
6. Cua Dai
Cua Dai beach in Quang Nam province. Coming to Quang Nam, in addition to tourist attractions are the world's most popular Hoi An, visitors also can not forget the Cua Dai beach. This beach in her youthful life with many splendid buildings, the resort amenities With beautiful beaches, fresh air, soothing, Cua Dai promises to more relaxed, comfortable for the visitors.
7. Doc Let
Nha Trang about 50 km, is different from the sunny beach of Nha Trang and noisy, to Doc Let you will feel a quiet space, a lot more peaceful. There are endless stretches of white sand, tens of meters high sand dunes, separated from the beach shoreline. Who wants to have to climb over beach sand dunes, tiredness excitement cheese, true name "Doc Let" of it.
 According to Vietnamese Comics

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