Saturday, February 16, 2013

Young couples flock Sauraha on 'V' Day

The tourist hub Sauraha in Chitwan district is filled with young lovers who have gathered here to celebrate the Valentine's Day which also coincides with the Sauraha Food Festival that kicked off on Wednesday, state-owned news agency RSS reported.
The organisers of the food festival have also made arrangements to present prizes to the 'best couple' on the occasion, hence the large number of young lovers descending on to Sauraha this time around.
The tourism entrepreneurs have also offered special Valentine's Day discount to the couples and this might have also played an incentive for large number of young lovers coming to celebrate the day here, said Rammani Khanal, a tourism entrepreneur.
The couples who have come to Sauraha to celebrate the St. Valentine's Day and also to observe the food festival would be evaluated impromptu and the best couple rewarded, said another entrepreneur.
The food festival is organised under the aegis of the Restaurant and Bar Association, Sauraha.
The youths seem to be drawn to local Tharu delicacies like Ghungi, Chichar and Gundruk and Dhindo.
Most hotels here are occupied since Wednesday and still more visitors have been pouring in, according to the Regional Hotel Association, Sauraha. There are over 80 big hotels in Sauraha.

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