Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vairochan Buddha in Nepal

Vairochan Buddha  grants wisdom of the Dharmadhatu and enlightenment.  The mantra of Vairocana is OM VAIROCANA HUM. The Buddha Vairocana represents the embodiment of Dharmakaya ("Truth Body") or Wheel turning mudra .  VAIROCANA Buddha   is the white Buddha at the centre of the Mandala.  The image shown is a kind of generic Vairocana depicted in bhikṣu's robes with his hands in the Dharmacakra,  His mudra is wheel turning which alludes to his teaching of the Dharma which is poetically referred to as "turning the wheel of the Dharma". With Tathāgata - Buddha Family. The largest of the famous  Bamiyan Buddha in Afganistan. Over time, the worship of Vairocana in East Asia was gradually superseded as an object of reverence by Amitabha Buddha, due in large part to the increasing popularity of Pure Land Buddhism.

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