Friday, October 5, 2012

Ruru kshetra

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Ruru is situated western south of nepal,close from  road linking Tansen with Tamghas.It is about 96 km to the north of Lumbini and 30 km to the northwest of Tansen.Ruru region covers Ruru, Thanapani and Aslewa VDCs of Gulmi district, Argali VDC of Palpa district and Karikot of Chanjebhanjyang VDC of Syangja district. There are four religious centers of Hindus in Nepal. They are Muktikshetra, Rurukshetra, Barahakshetra and Pashupatikshetra. Two of them, Muktikshetra and Rurukshetra are located on the Kali Gandaki River.
It commonly known as Ridi, was named after a mythological girl named Ruru. She was born to a fairy named Pramlocha and brought up by a doe. Ruru, through her penance, pleased Lord Vishnu. When Lord Vishnu appeared before her and asked her to beg of him for a boon, she asked him to stay there forever. So, Lord Vishnu stayed there as Hrishikeshav. There are two separate temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Ruru Kanya. A four armed stone- image is seen inside the Hrishikeshav Temple. Other places worth visiting are Bhrigutungeshwor Mahadev, cave, Achammeshwor, Ram temple at Rudrabeni etc.

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