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Rock star treatment at Hard Rock Pattaya

Rock star treatment at Hard Rock Pattaya

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Location : Pattaya, Thailand
Laviinia Dhanagunan

Source :New Straits Times,25 August 2011

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  • Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
A step into Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is all it takes for LAVIINIA DHANAGUNAN to think she´s in hallowed halls.

AUTHOR Neil Gaiman once said rock and roll stars have it much better than writers when they´re on tour. He probably didn´t get to stay at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya because its patrons are treated equally the moment they step inside.

Thanks to decorations in deep royal colours at the lobby and clothing donated by the likes of Prince and Madonna throughout the reception area, you may think you´re staying in hallowed halls. Add to that a great welcome from the front office staff and you can be forgiven for the swagger in your step.

If that doesn´t clinch it for you, the way the guard stands to attention when you wait by the lift to get to your room, or the way the front reception personnel sit up as you exit the lift or look ready to help with queries, surely would.

The hotel also has small rock-star moments in store for guests. The wing armchairs specially brought in look extremely inviting. Sink into any of these placed around the lobby and you may just nod off. That´s how comfortable they are.

The heat getting to you? The welcome drink upon check-in should refresh you instantly.

The pleasantries continue in the room - a minimalistic feel, miniature guitar imprints on the topside of the bedspread, themed toiletries and so on.

The rock-star feeling isn´t lost on the little ones. The hotel´s recently introduced Family Suites will surely get your kids in the swing of things. They get to spread outin their double-bunk beds, or have their own private club, Lil´ Rock Club, which offers a range of activities such as games on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii, or go for a dip in the children´s pool. And all these under the watchful eye of Lil´ Rock Animators.

There´s also a new club for teens, scheduled to be ready by December.

Hard Rock Hotel is innovating itself to mark its 10th anniversary. It´s been working on its makeover in stages since last October.

But the party still rocks every Saturday night, thanks to the hotel´s legendary Beach Foam-X Party. Kids and adults alike will have heaps of fun zipping through mounds of foam throughout the large freeform pool and man-made sandy beach. 

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