Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pindeshwor Baba Dham

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The famous pilgrimage site of Pindewhor Baba Dham is situated at Vijaypur  eastern Nepal. The temple is  known as Pindewhor baba Dham. The holy pond is called Sarashwati Sarowar and by the site of this pond there is well. When the pond gets dried, the wall all above the pond’ s surface is always full of water. This has remained mysterious from ancient time to this age to the religious people. The increasing number of devotees shows that it is getting popular day by day. On every Monday in the month of Shrawan (Jun-Aug) large number of devotees from different places comes with bare foot to pay homage to Pindeshwor Baba as Shiva with holy water from Saptakoshi. 

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