Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One day trip to Mohoriya Village

Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

I was surprised to receive a call from sister “Amisha” early at 9 AM. She is an active member of Siddhartha Smriti Yuva Club, Mohoriya. She placed her plan, that their organization had planned to organize an event (mela) in their village ‘Mohoriya’ on the occasion of Baisakh Purnima. Altogether, 13 members from their organization had planned to go for a meeting in the village for planning certain activities for the occasion and take suggestion from other members of the village. So, she insisted me to join them as I also love to travel and know more about people as well as places. I was very delighted, so I agreed that we all met at Amarsingh Chowk. I wasn’t familiar with other members, so sister Amisha introduced me to them.

Now, altogether we were 14 in number, Rishi Gurung, Binu Gurung, Jhalak Gurung, Khem Gurung, Jit Gurung, Basanta Gurung, Pragya Gurung, Bina Gurung, Amisha Gurung, Sarita Gurung, Amrit Gurung, Sujan Gurung, Anju Gurung and lastly I myself Bhupal Gurung. We all set on our bikes and it was fun with them. We went via Tal chowk, Power House and came across graveled roads. We all were enjoying the trip but all of a sudden one of our friend Basantas’ bike got punctured. Luckily, the workshop was nearby so Basanta and Pragya went to fix their bike and told us to meet in the village itself. We then took the pace and marched ahead as it seemed that it was going to rain heavily. We reached Mohoriya Village after 45 minutes on bike passing through other Gurung and Aryan villages.

It was almost 12:30; we could see the other members of the organization of that village were waiting for our arrival. We rested for a while then lately entered the meeting hall. I really appreciated the work of the youths who were very determined to do something for their village though they were away from their home town and living in city areas. They placed their idea to make certain arrangement like to honor the people who have crossed 84 years of age, to distribute prices to students who have obtained good marks, to honor the people who donate more than 25 thousand rupees, make necessary arrangement of water as there is shortage in water supply of that village and likely many other activities. It was already 3 and they had made arrangement for our lunch so we all gathered and enjoined our lunch. The meeting wasn’t over so I along with Amisha sister decided to visit Binu sister house. Binu’s grandfather welcomed us who is about 80 years of age. I chatted with him for a while and then went to capture some scenes in my camera. It was about 5:30, all our friends arrived there and we all left for Pokhara. The mela will be conducted on Jestha 13 till 15 and I wish it would it to be successful.
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By Bhupal Gurung

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