Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maata Tirtha Tour

Maata Tirtha is one of the auspicious festival places for Hindu people. It is located at Thankot of  Kathmandu valley. People who do not have a living mother pay homage to Mata Tirtha located six miles south – west of central Katmandu. It lies consisting of two pools-the larger for bathing and the smaller is famous as the place where one hopes to see mother’s face.It is said that in the ancient times the region was ruled by a cowherd king. One of his cowherds was so depressed by his mother’s death that he went to pray and make offerings at a water storage pond in the forest on this day. Miraculously his mother’s face appeared and her hand accepted the offerings.Since that time people go there hoping to get a glance of their mother’s face. People still believe that paying homage to this site will bring peace to their mother’s departed. In Matatirtha, people take quick shower in the water taps and make offerings in the holy pond with a belief that the souls of their mothers come to the pond to accept their offerings. The visitors also worship Shiva lingam located near the holy pond.
Mother’s day is a day when one shows appreciation and gratitude to mother for her unconditional love and support. It is a day of reunion for married daughters with their mothers. Sons and daughters presents and delicacies to offer to their mother. The pilgrimage (Tirtha) of mother (Mata) is collectively called ‘Mata Tirtha Aunshi‘.
respect for the mother
People worship their living mother at their home
People offer mothers and offering sweets, fruits, yogurts and other items to please their mothers.
Those whose mothers have passed – they go to the Mata Tirtha Pilgrimage, about 15 km towards the eastern side of Kathmandu valley, beside Mata Tirtha Village development committee.

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