Thursday, October 4, 2012

Krishna Janmashtami

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Krishna Janmashtami is the joyful Lord Krishna's birth celebration of hindu people. Krishna Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. This festival is also known as Krishna Jayanti or Janmashtami.
In the Patan,Krishna temple is busy morning to whole night to celebrate of Krishna Janmashtami. People go to Krishna temple early morning. Major celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami takes place at midnight as Krishna is said to have made his divine appearance in that hour. Fasting, Krishna bhajans, pujas and many other rituals mark Janmashtami celebrations in Nepal.
He was born to Vasudev and Devaki, who were imprisoned by Devaki's evil brother Kansa and was brought up by Nanda  and Yashoda. The birth of Lord Krishna is believed to be symbolic of our imprisonment in worldly illusions. The life of Sri Krishna is the most stirring saga of one of the greatest saviors and propounders of 'Dharma'. 

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