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Night Stay in Kavre with Taan, Pachimanchal Chapter Members

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Kavre Village
As the song “Jyamma Jyamma“ was played, Mr. Som Thapa, president of TAAN, Pachimanchal sector,  couldn’t resist himself from dancing in the pedi. As he stood up for dancing, shriek from villagers came to support him and to give him a companion; Miss Indra Gurung stood and joined him on the floor.  On the other hand, we were there sitting and eating our Khaja and of course waiting for rainfall to stop, so we all could dance and sing with the villagers of Kavre. The one night stay in Kavre was fun.
Aus 31, 2010: A Hayes Van picked us for a night stay in Kavre as the villagers of Kavre had organized a night stay program to welcome the new executive members of TAAN, Pokhara Chapter. The executive members of TAAN are full of life so the journey was fun from the time the van started to roar.  As most of us, hadn’t taken our khaja, we were hungry as a beer so one of the executive member of TAAN suggested to stop in Lamachaur and pack some plates of MOMO and buy a case of Beer &  juice for the journey. Apart from buying Momo, Beer and juice, we picked up Devi Gurung, Indra Gurung and Jivan Gurung, inhabitants of Kavre,  from Lamachur and headed towards Tato Pani (Seti’s Hot Spring). Momo came to us like agod comes to the hungry in the form of food.  The journey to the hot spring was divine as there was light rainfall and the green scenario, water springs and momo with chilled beer made everything heavenly. The jokes cracked by Ram Gurung, the photographer and a founding member of pokharacity.com, executive members of TAAN and Devi Gurung entertained us all the way  to the Hot spring.
As we reached the hot spring, it was raining lightly only, so we decided to continue our journey rather than wait for the rainfall to stop. We had hard time saving our shoes from getting wet, as the road was muddy and there were many water springs that ran across the road. After reaching Bhara bhari, a Magar village, we had to walk uphill for 30 minutes. The way wasn’t so steep, so we had fun hiking uphill.  After reaching the top of the hill, we looked at our shoes and everyone was shocked with number of leeches that were crawling in everyone’s feet and some leeches had already started sucking blood out of us. We had thought that we will wait for late coming friends, Mr. Giridhari Dhakal of Tourism Office   , Mr. Pasan Sherpa & Narayan dai and enter the village together but seeing the number of leeches on the ground we decided to wait them in the village.

The Mothers and daughters of the village welcomed us with Abhir and flower garments. They had prepared Celroti, Tusha & Neuro Curry for us as Khaja. Though, we had ate Momo on the way, the one hour walk had reenergize our appetite and taste of the food was so great that so we couldn’t stop ourselves from eating all the food that were served to us. As we were about to finish the food, Mr. … came and we greeted them with claps. After that we chatted with the villagers about the present condition of the village and they expressed their happiness to TAAN for promoting their village as home stay destination. Soon, it became dark and the villagers got busy arranging music system for us to dance.

As the music was played, Som Thapa couldn’t resist and started dancing, after that Ram Gurung, Narayan Sapkota, followed and danced with Indra and Devi. The space in the corridor was very small, so only two peoples could dance, so rest of us who couldn’t dance like a pro waited for the rain to stop.
The villagers knew what we wanted so they made a temporary shed out of a tent to make a dance floor for us. The shed protected us from the rainfall and the music and atmosphere kept us going.  Ram Gurung amazed everyone with his dancing moves as he added comic act to his dance and the whole village burst into laughter.
Mr. Som Thapa was lost in world of dancing as he just didn’t seem to stop even when Gurung song was played. The floor became hot after Mr. Narayan Sapkota joined the dance floor. He brought passion and romance in the dance floor. The ravishing beauties of Kavre, Devi and Indra were the one who surprised everyone with their charm and dance moves. The scenario became just like a disco theque of city but was more entertaining as everyone knew each other and the music played was Nepali or Gurung Songs. The whole village came to watch us dance and sing and some of them joined us too. Our dance moves were of no comparison with the flexile feminine dance moves of the ladies of Kavre though Mr. Ram Gurung and Mr. Narayan Sapkota came close in meeting their standard.
Indra dragged me to the dance floor and I didn’t waste more of her energy as I too wanted to join the dance floor. To my embarrassment, the song happened to be a Gurung song and I didn’t understood a word of that song but still I tried to shake my body with the beats of music. Indra and Devi even taught me some cool moves though I couldn’t master them even after hours of practice but still it made me realize that you don’t need the R n B music to make you dance.

Mr. Som Thapa and Mr. Narayan Sapkota were like a recycle battery as they didn’t seem to stop even after hours of dancing. They just needed a glass of local tonic and hooting and they were back to sprit to dance. Mr Hari Bhujel, who had never dance in his whole life joined us in the dance floor  and was repeating “I just couldn’t resist myself from watching, so I joined to see if it’s really so entertaining like it seems to be and I am happy that I joined”.
It was almost 11 PM, so we decided to eat our meals that the villagers had prepared for us. They had made the local rooster meat for us, which was very tasty. At the same time when we were having meal, little girls of Kavre showed us their dance in numerous Nepali and Gurung Songs. After watching their dance, I admitted that they had talent and I thought in future we would see some of them in television and theatres as an actress.
After the meal, we decided to sing dohori and Mr. Giridhari Dhakal of Tourism Office represented the males but the females just could compete with him. He hypnotized everyone with his mesmerizing vocal.  He also taught the villagers the basic of singing dohari. Mr. Narayan helped the females and in no time the environment become very musical. Songs like “jhim jhim sano na jhimkau pareli” and “gaiko charana” were song till late night. After singing late night till 1 A.M, we went to the pre-assigned houses to sleep.

We had an appointment for a photo session in Pokhara, So, Ram dai and I woke up early in the morning and took our breakfast and said goodbye to the villagers. We didn’t woke up the TAAN member and other media friends as we thought they will try to stop us and we had to go Pokhara at any condition. We walked downhill to catch a public bus in the Hot Spring Area. The ride was 22 killometers and the bus took one and half hour to reach Bagar, Pokhara and 45 rupees per person as the bus fare.

Kavre Village


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