Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halesi Mahadev Tour

Halesi Mahadev  is a beautiful place, mysterious natural caves, historical, religious, and cultural and tourism places in eastern Nepal. It is very popular ancient holiest places of Nepal . It is located at the top of a small hill inside a beautiful cave, between the holy rivers Dudh Koshi to the right and Sunkoshi to the left. There lie other numerous small beautiful caves too. Here, the inside of the cave, you see image of the god which is full of natural beauty. Inside the cave is dark and there are bats flying here and there, nowadays,there is electricity. It is one of  the popular among the Hindus as well as the Buddhists all over the world.It is the natural cave, which lies in 4th remote hilly region and is believed to be in existence since 6000 years. 

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