Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gai Jatra festival in Kathamadu

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It is celebrate only newar community at Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur and Patan.Some of places ,where newar ethnic group inhabitaed like Pokhara.Gaijatra means the festival of cows - the procession of cows. The festival of cow is one of the most popular festivals in Nepal.
The ironical sessions synonymous with the Gai Jatra festival began the medieval period of Nepal during the reign of Malla Kings, 17th century. One of his son die and his wife was grief stricken by the untimely demise of her son, to show that children of ordinary people also passed.He had wanted to console his wife.
Nowadays, different comical, satirical shows are organized through out the country, most of them passing satires at the current leadership vacuum in the country and bad things about social enviroment. 
Some are decorated as sadhus also in this festival.One of the Families who have lost their members and relatives during the year, actually decorated as cows which helps departed souls cross a cosmic river called Baitarini in their journey into the after-world. 

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