Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nepal Trekking and Tour

Lumbini is famous tour for all Buddhist around the world. It is situated in Kapilvastu district, western part of Nepal. There is a Ashoka Pillar, eastiblished by emperor Ashoka in 245 BC. Just before His birth, Bodhisattva was the lord of Tushita deva realm. There He had resolved to be reborn for the last time and show the attainment of enlightenment to the world. He had made five investigations and determined that this southern continent, where men lived for one hundred years, was the most suitable place and. Since the royal cast was the most respected at that point of time and the lineages of King Suddhodana and his Queen Mayadevi were pure, He chose to be born as their son, a prince of the Shakya dynasty. After placing crowning His successor Maitreya, Bodhisattva descended from Tushita to the world of man. After Lumbini Development Committee was formed in 1970 with the members of 13 countries, many countries have built stupas and monasteries here. Countries like South Korea, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, France, Germany,India, Japan etc have built Buddhist Monasteries. There are Buddhist libraries, museum and research centers as well.

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